Equipment, instrumentation and lab facilities of the Institute of Experimental Hematology and Transfusion Medicine (University Hospital of Bonn) are available to the Arijit Biswas lab members without restrictions. The following instrumentation exists in our own laboratories : Protein purification unit/ ÄKTA Pure purifier system, Biophysical characterization of proteins by BLItz system, and an isothermal calorimeter platform: microcal iTC200. For assessment of coagulation, we have Coagulometer (BCS-XP), Thromboelastogram (TEG), etc. For live cellular analyses we have BioFlux 200. For multi analyte profiling we have a Luminex XMAP system. We have an extensive experience in deep sequencing of coagulation related genes on an illumina based Next generation sequencing platform. Additionaly, we have a Zeiss Apotome, for optical sectioning and fluorescence microscopy. Workstations and software (YASARA 2.0, PyMOL) for structure calculations, molecular modelling/docking and chemi-informatic based studies are also available in our laboratory. To perform several other biophysical and bionalaytical chemistry techniques we actively collaborate with the IBS, Grenoble, as well as with Prof. Diana Imhof´s lab at Pharmazeutisches Institut in University of Bonn. University of Bonn is one of the oldest educational establishments in Germany. We are extending our lab access to Uni-Bonn Cluster of Excellence-Core facilities, collectively known as the Bonn Technical Campus.

our capacity

Broad Spectrum of Experience

We have published independently, and also in collaboration with a several world-renowned labs working in diverse molecular biology fields. However, our expertise still lies in coagulation pathway, but thats not the restrain for us.